Google Gravity Trick: How to Make Google Fall Down? Trick to Make Google Fall Down

Google Gravity Trick: Experience amazing Google Gravity trick and Google falling apart effect. Learn the trick of Google gravity that makes the Google homepage elements fall down and have fun with Google fall trick.

Do you know what is gravity? Or have you ever seen anything falling down from height just because of that gravity pull of earth? All of us are familiar with the gravity that attracts every material substance towards it. So now you will be asking me what is gravity doing with Google?

If you want an answer then wait and try it yourself. Here is a Google gravity trick on how to make google fall apart by which you will see the Google's homepage elements on the Google page falling down from there original positions, as soon as the cursor is moved inside the page.

Now we will explain how to make everything fall on google. To use this Google gravity trick, just follow below simple steps:
  1. Open your web browser (preferably Google Chrome) and go to Google.com.
  2. Type Google Gravity in the Google search bar.
  3. Just click on the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button.
Now you will see the Google fall down effect and notice that google logo, search and letters - all are falling down, and everything on Google falls apart.
This is how Google collapse trick makes everything on Google fall down, below is the image of Google page falling down.
Alternatively, for Google fall down trick use this Mr.Doob Google gravity Direct Link that will make everything fall on Google.

There is another Google gravity trick that you shouldn't miss i.e. Google Space Trick, a must check Google anti-gravity trick.

To start this falling Google trick again, just refresh the page and Google fall down will be restarted.

Tip: This Google gravity trick works best on Google Chrome. To make Google fall apart, you may also try this Google fall trick on other browsers as well and share your experience with us.

So this is the simple Google fall down trick i.e. trick of Google gravity to make Google fall down.

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