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Trick to make Google fall down

Google Gravity
Do you know what is gravity ? Or have you ever seen anything falling down from height just because of some pull from earth. Many of us are familiar with gravity that attracts every material substance towards it. So now you will be asking me that what is gravity doing in Google ?

If you want answer then wait and try it yourself. As here is trick from which the Google homepage's elements would fall down from there positions as soon as the cursor is pointed inside the page.

So to use this Trick just follow these simple steps :
  • Go to
  • Type Google Gravity in search bar.
  • Now click or press "I am feeling Lucky" button.
Google Gravity - I am feeling lucky
  • Now see the results and enjoy.
  • To start again just refresh the page and it will be restarted.
Note : This Trick works best on Google Chrome. But you can also try this on other browsers and share your experience with us.

So this is the simple Trick of Google Gravity to make Google fall down.

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