Google Space Trick: How to do Trick of Google Anti-Gravity? Trick of Google Space

Google Space Trick: Learn the Google anti-gravity trick on how to make Google float freely as if it is taken to the outer space. See the illusion of zero gravity for Google's logo, images, links, buttons, etc. all floating in space.

Every one of you knows what is the outer space of earth is and are also aware that there is no gravity over there. So just imagine what would happen if Google homepage goes to outer space of earth. You would be thinking what a funny trick you are going to see today regarding Google Space.

As you all know, earlier we have already discussed the Google Gravity Trick i.e. trick to make Google fall down or Google fall apart. If you are unaware of this Google collapse trick then do have look over it as it's something you wouldn't like to miss.
Now let's talk about this Google space trick which is just the opposite of Google gravity trick. In this Google space trick or Google anti-gravity trick, you will see that the Google search engine logo image, links, buttons, etc. everything would floating on your computer or mobile screen as there is no gravity or zero gravity that gives an illusion that objects and elements are floating in the space. The Google homepage would be going to float as it is in the space without gravity.

To use this Googe space trick and make Google Homepage float, just navigate to Google outer space Mr.Doob Link.

This Google space anti-gravity page has been designed by Mr. Doob Chrome Experiment's team. This special page would take the Google homepage to space and make Google float in space.
Tip: For more fun with this Google space trick, just type any query inside the search box and press Enter. Now you would see the search results for that specific query also floating in space without gravity. Isn't it a nice Google Trick?

So this is the trick of Google space or Google anti-gravity trick or might be said as Google space trick that makes Google float in space. If you like this Google space trick, then don't forget to share it.

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