How to Make a Free Call ?

Learn how to make free worldwide One to One and Conference Call from your smartphone like Android, iPhone or PC.

Make Free Calls
A Call ( Mobile or Telephone Call )  is a connection over a Telephone or a Mobile Network between the Calling Party and the Called Party. The Call may use Land Line, Mobile Phone, Satellite Phone or any combination thereof. Where the Telephone Call has more than one Called Party it is referred to as a Conference Call.

Calling is one of the most essential need of every person now a days who is using a Mobile Phone and use it to connect with other Friends or Family Members. But the Calling feature may be cheap but not totally Free, Until and Unless both the Calling and the Called Party both use a dedicated VoIP Device or Application.
Top Tricks and Tips : VoIP Call
So it is clear from here that both the party must have some kind of VoIP Device or Applications installed on their Systems or Mobiles to make a Free Call. But it may not be always possible that both Parties have that specialized Application Installed on their Systems.

We have earlier discussed a Great Trick i.e.
to make the Fake and Prank call, so now we come up with another Great and Nice Solution i.e. the New Trick on How to Make a Free One to One and Conference Call Worldwide while keeping in mind all the Restriction and Possible Failures for making a Free Call.

These Call can be placed either through your Computer ( PC ), Laptop, Mobile ( Android and iPhone or Smartphone only ). So if you want to enjoy the Free Calling Trick in any part of the World ( for now only 40 Countries ), then just Follow up the Trick just mentioned below and Share it with your Friends and Family Members.
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Basically this Trick totally depends upon the Application known as CrowdCall which generally provides the Free Worldwide Calling. CrowdCall is something much different from the most Conferencing or Group Call Services. It doesn't use Dial In Numbers or Pins. The Host of the Conference Call simply selects the Participants or a Favorite Group of Participants and Touches the “ Call ” Button. CrowdCall creates an Instant Conference. Once the Host Receives a Call from CrowdCall, every other participant is called and the Conference Begins.

How to make the CrowdCall ? 
The Complete Procedure.

Top Tricks and Tips : CrowdCall

First of all we need the CrowdCall Application to be installed on the Compatible Device i.e. Smartphone or Computer, that we have discussed further below in this Trick.
In the beginning we would discuss How to make the Call ?

1) Simply Install the Application on your Device.
Top Tricks And Tips : CrowdCall Install

2) After Installing, when you Launch this Application, it will ask you to Enter your Mobile Number and here you just enter your Number.
Don't worry it would not ask you for any registration further.
Top Tricks And Tips : CrowdCall : Enter your Number

3) Now Select the Contacts to be Called from the Bottom Left Corner Option or Enter the Mobile Number manually of the person to be Called from the Bottom Right Corner Option.
Top Tricks And Tips : CrowdCall Add Number

4) Now press the Call Now Button located at the Center of the Application Interface.

5) Now Dialogue Box appear Showing
Please Stand By : You will now Receive a Free Call from CrowdCall. When your Phone Rings, please press "1" to connect. “.
Now wait for at least 10-15 seconds ( or may be more ) till you get a Call from the CrowdCall Server.
Top Tricks And Tips : CrowdCall in Progress

6) After you get the Call, just Answer it and Press 1 ( one Key ) of your Device, to Connect the Call to the person you need to Dial.

7) Now within One Minute your Call will be connected to the Mobile Number you selected at the time of Placing the Call.
Now Enjoy the Call at Free Of Cost.

8) You can also make Conference Calls or Schedule the Calls for Future.

How to download and Install 
on various Devices or Systems ?

How to use CrowdCall on Android Phone ( Mobile ) ?
Top Tricks And Tips : CrowdCall for Android
CrowdCall is available in Android Market for Free Download.
After downloading just use this Application as already explained above.

How to use CrowdCall on iPhone ?
Top Tricks And Tips : CrowdCall for iPhone
CrowdCall is available in App Store ( Apple Store ) for Free Download.
After downloading just use this Application as already explained above.

How to use CrowdCall on Computer, Laptop ( PC ) ?
Top Tricks And Tips : CrowdCall for PC
As you know that CrowdCall is an Android or an iPhone application and it cannot be installed directly on the Operating System installed on our Computer or Laptop.
So for this Purpose we need to have an Android or iPhone's Operating System to be Installed on our Computer or Laptop. But this is not Possible, as there is no Android or iPhone's Operating System available for Installation for our Computer and moreover our Computer is also not configured to work with it.

So for this Purpose we would use the Third Party Software to Install and Use the CrowdCall Application on our Computer or Laptop.
Now there are two Best Software available for this purpose.

These two Software are :

1) BlueStacks App Player
Top Tricks and Tips : BlueStacks
BlueStacks App Player lets you Run Android Applications from your Phone Fast and Full screen on Windows and Mac. Through this, you can use Top Android Applications like Angry Birds Space, Kik Messenger, Where’s My Water and more on your Computer or Laptops. It took 10 Engineers, Two years to Build the Complex “ Layer-cake ” Technology that enable this to happen. You can Experience it for free while it is in Beta.

2) YouWave for Android
Top Tricks and Tips : YouWave
YouWave runs Android Applications and App Stores on your PC, no phone required. You will have the possibility to download numerous mobile programs via the App Stores within YouWave. Its High Performance and Ease of Use make it so Popular. But it is not Free ( it Cost around 14.99$ ).

So after installing either the BlueStacks App Player or YouWave for Android on you Computer or Laptop, just follow the Procedure that we have discussed above for Making the CrowdCall.

We Tested both the Software mentioned and experienced that BlueStacks is Little Bit Slow or it Freezes Up itself and Hangs Up Computer System Often, but this would be Fixed in near future as this is now in Beta Version.

Notes for CrowdCall Users :

1) After Testing the CrowdCall, we experience that there is a Time Delay of 3-5 Seconds for the Voice to reach at the Receiver's End.

2) The maximum duration of CrowdCall as per Testing is found to be One Hour. So it means that we can Enjoy 10 Hours of Free Call per day using CrowdCall

3) CrowdCall commits that it Provide 10 Calls per Day, but sometimes it ends up with 3 to 4 Calls per Day. This Issue has been reported to CrowdCall Developer and it may be fixed in near Future.

4) CrowdCall also counts the Unattended Calls, means whether the Receiver picks up the Call or not, your Free Calls Limit would be decreased by 1 after you Place the Call.

5) You cannot make Free Calls to Country which are not mentioned in the List of
40 Countries provided by CrowdCall Developers, instead you have to Buy the Credits and then you can make the Cheap Calls.
Free Call

Now we have explained to you the Trick on How to Make the Free Call.
If you find any difficulty or face any issue using this Trick, then do let us know.

So this is a Simple Trick on How to Make a Free Call.

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