Trick to find hidden features in Windows XP

Learn how to access the helpful hidden programs and features that comes built-in with the Windows XP and you might not be knowing.

Windows XP Hidden Features
Windows XP is known to be the simplest operating systems developed by the Microsoft, that is why the people across the globe are still making use of Windows XP, instead of using latest and advanced version of windows i.e. Windows 7 & Windows 8, on there personal home computers, office PC's, etc for completing there work which can be done by the help of computers easily.

Now its a much time passed when Windows XP was launched and almost every Windows XP user are familiar and used to with its features and programs. But still there are many of them are there, which might not be knowing the special and hidden features of Windows XP.

So this trick is all about finding the different hidden programs and features in Windows XP.
The Programs and features are being listed below along with the trick to find them. So have a look over them.

1) Private Character Editor
Private Character Editor
This program is used for editing fonts, etc.
For this, go to Start  >>  Run  >>  type "eudcedit"  >> press Enter.

2) Dr. Watson

This an inbuilt windows repairing software, which we can use to repair Windows. For this, go to Start  >>  Run  >>  type "drwtsn32" >> press Enter.

Another tool or program for same purpose is here i.e.
3) Media Player 5.1
Media Player 5.1
This is the old Windows media Player which you can still access even if you upgrade your Media Player or the new one fails.
For this, go to Start  >>  Run  >>  tpe "mplay32"  >> press Enter.

4) iExpress
This program is used to create Setups with which you can create your own installers.
For this, go to Start  >>  Run  >>  tpe "iexpress"  >> press Enter.

So these were the Tricks to find hidden programs in Windows XP.

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